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    We mix cement, gravel, water, sand, and chemical additives to create the ideal concrete for your project. It is our job to know what type of mix will get you the results you are looking for. Here is a list of some of the projects we can do for you. Click here.
    You will want a contractor who is insured, licensed, and bonded to do the work on your property. At Solid Works Concrete we comply with all these requirements at the local and state levels. Learn more about us.
    With the movement of the earth through natural forces like freezing and thawing cracks are going to happen in any concrete work. However, at Solid Works Concrete we try to reduce cracking through correct application, curing, and jointing. Contact Us to get a FREE estimate for your project.
    The most FAQ - All concrete is subject to cracking. Through the use of joints Solid Works Concrete can control the expansion and contraction of your concrete to minimize these cracks. We perform a controlled cut and then apply a joint compound to make your concrete last longer with less cracking.
    Did you know, not all concrete has to be grey? With the use of pigments Solid Works Concrete can mix many colors to match your home or project. Want a full list of colors? Contact Us today.
    Did you know, not all concrete has to be smooth? With our textures and stamps Solid Works Concrete can make your concrete project look like stone, brick, or other unique designs. Contact us for a range of options!
    We proudly serve West Michigan and travel to: Jenison, MI Kentwood, MI Grandville, MI Spring Lake MI Grand Haven, MI Fruitport, MI Dorr, MI Wayland, MI Holland, MI Rockford, MI Ada, MI Wyoming MI Lowell, MI
    At Solid Works Concrete we highly recommend you wait seven days before driving on any new concrete work. After 24 hours regular concrete is safe to walk on but colored or textured surfaces may take longer. Ask us about your project for an exact timeline for your project. Contact Us
    Depending the scope of your project times will differ. For example a standard concrete driveway will take approximately two days of on site work plus the additional curing time for the concrete. We will give you a timeframe when you receive your FREE quote. Contact Us
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